S C O T T   G O R B A C H


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The Bookworm



Mark (Scott Gorbach) loves books more than people - but seeing his own family, that's totally understandable ... and thus, with the money his deceased father has left him, Mark buys himself a library, just for his own, private use - which is something his mother (Jennifer Jiles) and sister (Cienna Rizza) don't even try to understand. Interestingly, in his library, which ought to be closed to the public (even if the doors are usually wide open), Mark finds a woman, Lara (Sarah Schoofs), who seems to share his love for books - though maybe in a completely different way ...


The Bookworm is a film that might be slow in build-up, but is all the more enjoyable for it, taking time to let its macabre story unfold without giving away too much or relying on spectacle too soon. Instead it fleshes out its story and characters via interesting situations and poignant dialogue that are just elements of good storytelling, to then reward us with a surprise twist ending. And a subtle direction and compact cast of course don't hurt one bit, either.

Quite likeable (in its own morbid way), really."

- Mike Haberfelner, SearchmyTrash.com

"our lead is Scott Gorbach. A truly gifted young actor I found through a referral after I put out a casting call. He embodied “Mark Jaeger” in every possible way, his look, his mannerisms, he was perfect. Combine that with a natural like Sarah Schoofs and you have yourself true chemistry. As soon as I saw them together I knew we’d hit a homerun. There is no doubt in my mind that this cast was meant to play those characters." 
- Tom Ryan (Director), SearchmyTrash.com
Say You Love Satan




"For those who are looking for a little something different in their theater, this production is witty, fun and a bit obscure."

- Paul Poliafco, Sun Star Courier




"Even when the gags are predictable, they manage to click. This is due in large part to Scott Gorbach, who invests Andrew with just enough earnest naivete to make his character endearing and relatable. For instance, Andrew insists on keeping his eyes open during a kiss, which becomes hilarious during his frequent lip-locks."

- Christine Howey


"Lusty performance by vulnerable Scott Gorbach."

- Tony Brown


"Andrew, our fallen hero, is an endearing Everyman. The talented Scott Gorbach makes him a particularly charming and vulnerable fellow."

- Bob Ableman


"Scott Gorbach is properly geeky as the naïve Andrew."

- Roy Berko

Kimberly Akimbo




“Scott Gorbach is a stitch as gangly Jeff, an anagram-spouting Dungeons & Dragons freak.”

- Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene


 “Scott Gorbach, he of slight body and sensitive nature, is right on-target as Jeff.”

- Roy Berko, CoolCleveland.com


“Scott Gorbach's Jeff, the carefree, misfit boyfriend, gets many of the laughs with ease.”

- Herb Hammer, Chagrin Valley Times

Militant Language




2009 Theater Tribute Awards:
Stimulating / Memorable Performance,
Scott Gorbach as Wallace in Militant Language

- Roy Berko

Finn in the Underworld




“Scott Gorbach gives a nice tone to the hormone-guided Finn”

 - Roy Berko, Cool Cleveland.com


“Scott Gorbach does a creepy turn as Finn.”  

- Herb Hammer, Chagrin Valley Times


 Award: Best of Cleveland Theater (6th Place)
"It's not often you see a character strangled on stage, yet this theater performs daring work. 'Finn,' coming in sixth place, is one of those rare plays that gets better each time you see it."

- Herb Hammer, Chagrin Valley Times

Big Love



“It is mop-topped Scott Gorbach in the middle as Nikos, Lydia's lover, who gets to play a real human being and not just another hateful male.” 

- Tony Brown, The Plain Dealer

“Scott Gorbach (Nikos) does a perfect Forrest Gump. His constant dazed expression is priceless.”

- Roy Berko, Cool Cleveland.com

“Each of the brothers and sisters etches a distinctive character, and two of them emerge from the horror with their bodies and affections for each other intact [including]  tender-hearted Nikos, Scott Gorbach..."

- Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene





"It was very entertaining. The kids were invited to dance with the actors, talk back to them during the performance, hand them props, etc. The likable cast features Scott Gorbach as Aladdin." 

- Robins Show Recommendation, Motherhoodlater.com


Costume Designer


“Scott Gorbach adds to the hilarious moments with a grand array of eccentric costumes.”

- Herb Hammer, Chagrin Valley Times






"JP (Scott Gorbach, interestingly distant and distracted) is AWOL from Afghanistan and wants to become a preacher."

- Tony Brown, The Plain Dealer





“ The leading roles easily become the most obvious. Scott, however,  has only a short scene but makes the terrors he has seen visible to the audience.”

- Tony Brown, The Plain Dealer